My garden did so well last year; I had plenty of vegetables. I was so excited when I purchased some "Super Compost".

— - Herbert Carr ~ Tyro, VA

The yield on my turnips and collard greens was so massive I had enough to give out to the neighbors. Thanks to the "Super Compost".

— - Dave Harvey ~ Chesapeake, VA

I used the "Super Compost" when I transplanted some of house plants. My philodendron now has leaves bigger than my hand. The vines have grown so long in a short amount of time. I was pleasantly surprised.

— - Sheila L. ~ Nelson County, VA

Blue_Ridge_GardenSoxx_Sandra_Pollard.jpgLast summer, while I was at Sheila and William Layton's house, I was introduced to "GardenSoxx's".  I have always loved a garden but didn't always have the time to spend weeding and taking care of it properly.  When I saw their GardenSoxx's overflowing with beautiful vines and even veggies; I could not believe how easy it appeared to be. 

William gave me his spill on what they were and how they worked.  Since that day, I have been wondering if William and Sheila had pulled off some magical trick or if I could possibly have a beautiful "no hassle, no worry" garden too. 

February 2, 2013, I assisted two of my grandchildren in planting peas and tomatoes in gardensoxx's.  I was more excited than a child at Christmas.  Less than one week, my peas and tomatoes started to sprout -- out of the holes where they were planted. 

All I have to do is water them --- I am totally in love, love, love with them.  They are super wonderful for children (great responsibility and fun), a MUST for the working family that loves fresh produce and a wonderful hobby for the elderly.

When I tell people about this wonderful product, you can tell they think I have stretched the truth a bit.......but you should see the look on their face when they feast their eyes on what is growing in my Gardensoxx.  I am so excited and can not wait to get more.

— -Sandra Pollard ~ Arrington, VA