How to use the GardenSoxx

February 22, 2013 at 6:04 PM

GardenSoxx are an INGENIUS way to grow a garden. You no longer have to worry about the tilling, weed pulling, back breaking work of a garden. No longer will you have to use tools such as a tiller, tractor, shovel and or rake.

This NEW way of gardening can be beneficial to any and everyone who wants to grow their own organic vegetables, fruit and flowers. You will be amazed at just how easy it is. The 1,2,3 method of growing is great.

GardenSoxx are the answer to those who want a garden but who do not have time or place to grow. When you have a traditional garden, you need a fairly big area and it requires some tools. With our GardenSoxx you really only need a pair of scissors and place to put on your deck or anywhere that it can get some sun/shade.

We at Blue Ridge Organics put them right on our deck and all through the summer we had vegetables that we could go right out of our kitchen door and pull our goods right off the vines. When we tell you that it is easy as 1,2,3  we mean it.

Here is how you do the GardenSoxx:

1. Place whereever you want to grow your garden and then take a pair of scissors and cut a hole big enough to either place seeds or a plant bulb. Do not to make the hole too big. (BEFORE you cut the hole for the flowers play around with the placement of them in the GardenSoxx, if they are hanging flowers you may want them closer to the front of the GardenSoxx so they can hang over it).

2. Place your seeds or your plant bulbs in the hole that you have prepared. Ensuring that the plant bulb is totally covered by the compost in the GardenSoxx.

3. Water, water, water!!! You really need to water about every other day, this also depends on where you have placed the GardenSoxx, if it is in direct sunlight/heat you may want to water everyday. You will be able to determine by checking to see the moisture level when you touch the GardenSoxx.

Really that is how simple and easy it is to have a Garden with Blue Ridge Organics GardenSoxx. You will be amazed at how fast and big your flowers, vegetables will get. The Super Compost that is in the GardenSoxx allows them to grow with the correct amount of nutrients and water that they need.

Once your growing season is over all you need to do is to cut the plant at the root right above the GardenSoxx. Then you are able to plant other vebetables, fruit and flowers. The Super Compost takes what is left in the GardenSoxx and breaks it down and reuses the nutrients from that previous plant.

Who would not want to plant a garden (vegetable, fruit,herbs and flowers). This process takes about 30 minutes or less. Then you can go and do all the other things that you enjoy doing in the Spring and Summer.

Our GardenSoxx can also be a great way to teach children how to plant. They will be in awe of how it grows and they can also reap the benefits of eating fresh fruits and vegetables that they either planted by themselves or helped you with.

Check out our 30 minute videos and see how easy it really is..

SIMPLE AS 1,2,3!!!!


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Posted by Lana on
This is my first time using garden six
My question is : how many plant per sox, especially tomato plants

Posted by Ren on
How do you maintain the perennials planted on the Soxx after two (2) years?
Posted by Dotty on
I do raised bed gardening. Can I open the new socks and put right into the raised bed?
Can I put right over the soil if I have my plants in?
I have all 15 beds planted already.
Thank you
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