About us

About.jpgWilliam Layton ~

Blue Ridge Organics, LLC was formed because I found in growing "Giant Pumpkins" a Super Compost that worked for increasing the growth potential of vegetables and fruit. I have always had a garden and enjoy working outside. I am a Contractor by trade, but really enjoy planting a garden and watching it grow.

The "Giant Pumpkin" came about because I love a challenge and I saw them being grown on a program I was watching. I decided that I wanted to try it. I have done a lot of research on the giant pumpkins and organic compost and found that this "Super Compost" offered a lot more nutrients that the pumpkin would need to have in order to grow so large. Once I achieved my goal of raising a 1138 lb. pumpkin, I wanted to see what the compost would do in my Garden.

So I started using it in the garden as a base tilled up with the garden dirt. I was very surprised at how it worked in my garden; not only did it produce larger fruit and vegetables but I also did not have disease or bugs to contend with like I normally do. The size of the vines for my tomatoes, the amount of potatoes, the amount of cucumbers and squash that I yielded in my garden was unbelievable. I did not have to add the normal "fertilizer" like I did in years past.

Let me help you grow vegetables like you never have in the past or have a beautiful landscape around your home or office.

Check us out and let us know if you have any questions. We are always here to help when you are looking for ORGANIC COMPOST to do your planting.