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It was in a garden in a picturesque mountain community of the BlueRidge Mountainsin Virginia when one of the cofounders discovered the benefits of premium compost.

Raising a state-record giant pumpkin in 2007 weighing in at a whopping 1,138 lbs, he knew he was onto something. After much recognition and everyone wanting to know his secret of success he knew he wanted to start a new company. He wanted to share the premium compost that has helped him grow some of the biggest pumpkins on the East Coast and the most bountiful vegetable gardens and house plants he and his wife have ever grown!

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    How to use the GardenSoxx

    The 1, 2, & 3 EASE of GardenSoxx!!!
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    Where is the GIANT PUMPKIN?

    Giant Pumpkin Update
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" The yield on my turnips and collard greens was so massive I had enough to give out to the neighbors. Thanks to the "Super Compost".".
- Dave Harvey ~ Chesapeake, VAread more